domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

                                                         PARIS, JE T'AIME

If you think about Paris, which images come to your mind?

This is my point of view about the city of love & lights through the lent of my camera.

 Walking around Paris you can feel the strong relation the parisiens have with arts, music, and of course the magic the city has.

 Rise your han if every time you think about Paris, Amelie's character comes to your mind. If you have just rised your hand, Amelie's bar is your place to go.

 Another place that is a "must" to visit is, of course, the Sacreé Coeur. Art is more tangible around Montmarte's narrow streets and full of artist and musicians.

The city of lights is well-known for it's devotion about high-fashion and as a result, Paris is considered as "the Mecca of fashion".
Here you can see one of the best vintage high-quality boutique in Paris, Didier Ludot. It has many famous client, such as Kate Moss, who said in an interview that Ludot is one of her favourite shops by far.